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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping? Shop Wedgwood!

Longtime Wedgwood resident Russ Steele is manager of the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop.

Are you planning to complete your holiday gift shopping this week?  Wedgwood has great shopping options where you can purchase high-quality gifts and support local businesses at the same time.  The Seattle Audubon Nature Shop at 8050 35th Ave NE is stuffed with gifts for all ages:  books, binoculars, calendars, cards, jewelry, shade-grown coffee, toys and games for children.  The Nature Shop will be open on Monday, December 22, from 10 to 6, Tuesday 10 to 7 and Wednesday from 9 to 4.

Many kinds of gift cards are available in Wedgwood, including grocery stores, hair salons and barbers, coffee shops and restaurants.

Gifts of food are always appreciated, especially the tasty offerings from La Pasta at 9118 35th Ave NE in the Morningside Market building.  La Pasta’s packaged ready-to-cook foods include a variety of pastas and sauces.  You can get caramels, cheeses, chocolates, sauces and wines which make great hostess gifts.  La Pasta also has gift certificates.  La Pasta will be open on Tuesday, December 23, from 11 to 8 and on Wednesday, December 24, from 11 to 5.

Grocery Store News

Our thanks to the Maple Leaf Life blog for researching and posting about upcoming changes to local grocery stores due to corporate mergers and acquisitions.  In March 2014 the Safeway and Albertson’s grocery companies merged.  Now the Bellingham-based Haggen corporation will acquire some of those stores and change them into Haggen.  Here is the acquisition list.

The Wedgwood Safeway was remodelled in 2011 by adding onto the front of the store, bringing it forward into the parking lot.

The only stores in the North Seattle area which are to be converted to Haggen, are the Shoreline Safeway (on Aurora at the corner of NE 155th Street, across Aurora from the Sears and Central Market stores) and the Albertson’s in the Lake Forest Park Towne Shopping Center on Bothell Way NE at NE 171st Street.

The Wedgwood Safeway on 35th Ave NE at NE 75th Street opened in 1951.  An earlier store, IGA Foodliner, opened in 1946 at NE 86th Street, present site of the Jasper Apartments.

Holiday Crime Time: Attempted Burglary Report

Reports continue to come in from northeast Seattle neighborhoods, including Wedgwood, of car thefts, package thefts from porches and home break-ins.  Crime patterns are shown on the City of Seattle’s neighborhood map (choose “northeast” to see the Wedgwood area.)  Another good way to keep track of trends is on Nextdoor.

On Thursday, December 18, the following report came in on Nextdoor from a Wedgwood resident in the 8200 block of 41st Ave NE.  Highlights of the report are: alert neighbors; that neighbors had contact info to call the homeowner and report suspicious activity; and the obtaining of a license plate number so that police can look for the suspects.

At 2:30 PM on Thursday, December 18, my across-the-street neighbor saw a strange car in front of my house and a strange man entering my backyard. She phoned me to confirm I did not have workmen scheduled at the house today. I did NOT.

My neighbor then stepped out in the street and photographed the auto (a tan Buick) WA License # ASB 5839.

The driver saw the neighbor taking photos and sped off, and must have alerted the second man in the back yard, but not before he had taken a shovel to attempt to pry open the locked french doors and then broke out a kitchen window. He must have been alerted by the driver as he thankfully did not enter the home.

The police were called and came within minutes.

Our COMMUNITY OF NEIGHBORS may be our best protection. I am GRATEFUL for my wonderful, alert neighbor who was able to ACT when she saw something out of the ordinary. Without her efforts I am convinced my home would have been ransacked this afternoon. I would have had much more to clean up than a bit of broken glass.

It should be noted that my neighbors on either side of my home plus across the street were at HOME when all this occurred in the space of about ten minutes. They did not see or hear anything.

Watch out for one another! Stay alert, know our neighbors and have contact info ready. I have lived in this home 31 years and have NEVER been burglarized (attempted or other). I have good locks and security, but they are not a match for someone who wants to break a window.


Thank you for great neighbors who watch out for one another.

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Cheesecake for the Holidays

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Windstorm Predicted for Thursday, December 11th

With a windstorm predicted, are you ready?

Take winter by storm with these tips:

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Wedgwood Meaningful Movies: Happy

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Meadowbrook Update: No Road Opening in December

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