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Fourth-of-July Pet Safety

Every year on the Fourth of July, pets get lost when they are frightened by fireworks and run away from the noise, escaping out of their house or yard.  Even if you have not had a problem in the past, you never know if this year, there will be nearby loud noises and your pet will react.

Take precautions ahead of time:  on the Fourth of July, take your dog out for exercise early in the day.  Bring your dog indoors into a secure, quiet area, with food, water and treats at home.   If you will not be at home during the evening, arrange for a pet sitter.  If you have a cat which seems bothered by sudden loud noises of fireworks, it is best to keep the cat indoors all day.

Wedgwood’s Picnic Place

Wedgwood Community Council President Brianna McDonald had a helper at the Work Party.

While we wait for park development to begin, the Wedgwood Community Council has taken initiative to make Wedgwood’s Future Park into a usable space.  On Saturday, June 27, volunteers from the Wedgwood Community Council and OneLife Church put their backs into it to create a picnic area at the corner of NE 86th Street.

Wedgwood Community Council trustee Gordon Dass Adams submitted the application for a neighborhood matching grant to Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, for this picnic area in the center of the Future Park.  Now when the food truck is on-site (Tuesday through Saturday evenings) people can use the space to sit and eat.

Our thanks to the volunteers from Wedgwood Community Council and OneLife Church. Despite the prospect of sore backs, arms, and shoulders from shoveling wood chips and hoisting picnic tables into place, all the volunteers can have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped to build our community.

Picnic tables are now in place at Wedgwood's Future Park.

Wedgwood Community Council trustee Tony Frego coordinated the supplies needed for the Work Party.

Pastor Rich Sclafani of OneLife Church arranged to obtain picnic tables and bring them to the site.

Wedgwood Community Council Gordon Dass Adams wrote the application to grant funding for the Picnic Place.

Wedgwood Community Council volunteer Peter Zimmerman gets into shoveling.

Weed removal and general clean-up was done by volunteers including Wedgwood Community Council trustee Gretchen Bear.

Wedgwood Art Festival 2015

The 2015 Wedgwood Art Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12, from 10 AM to 5 PM each day.  The Festival will be at 8900 35th Ave NE on the campus of Our Lady of the Lake Parish and School.

Take a look at the Wedgwood Art Festival website to see listings of all of the great offerings: art booths, food vendors, live music and activities for children.  This is not “just an art show,” but is a full-scale festival with fun for the whole family (except the family dog — no dogs are allowed.)  See you there!

A Summer of Practical Action

Work party at The Gathering Place on Thursday evening, July 9. . . . → Read More: A Summer of Practical Action

Consider the Zoning

The Future of 35th Ave NE as expressed by zoning. . . . → Read More: Consider the Zoning

Picnic Place in the Park

Clean up the space, then set up a picnic. . . . → Read More: Picnic Place in the Park

Fun at the Future Park

Wedgwood volunteers have set up a Picnic Place at the Future Park. . . . → Read More: Fun at the Future Park

Theodora Update

Change is coming to the commercial districts along 35th Ave NE. . . . → Read More: Theodora Update

Pre-Fourth Celebration at Magnuson

Friday evening, June 26th, music and ice cream at the Children’s Garden. . . . → Read More: Pre-Fourth Celebration at Magnuson

Music Lecture at the Library

Preview of Beethoven, Tuesday, June 23 at the Northeast Branch Library. . . . → Read More: Music Lecture at the Library