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Food and Fun Family Dance

Wedgwood Presbyterian Church will host a Crock Pot Cook Off and Family Dance on Saturday, November 1st, at 6 PM.

Everyone is invited for dinner followed by a family dance time to work off the calories.  There will be a live band with Wedgwood resident Sherry Nevins calling squares, contras and circle dances.

Wedgwood Presbyterian Church is located at 8008 35th Ave NE; enter from the NE 80th Street side.  Call 525-8787 for more info.

Halloween 2014: A Fun Night Out in Wedgwood

Join in the fun by becoming a Wedgwood Community Council member.

Halloween 2014 was another successful event in Wedgwood with all-out participation from businesses, crowds of kids, and Wedgwood Community Council volunteers as crossing guards.  Our thanks to everyone who came to join in the fun!  And don’t forget to renew your Wedgwood Community Council membership so that your voluntary contribution will continue to support great activities in the neighborhood. Email to find out more!

Upcoming activities at the Wedgwood Community Council include planning for streets and land use projects.  Your participation is encouraged, just send an e-mail to find out when and where next steps will be worked on.

Do you know this Wedgwood cowboy? He rode herd on the crowds at NE 85th Street for trick-or-treat.

Wedgwood received a visit from Dorothy of the Land of Oz on Halloween.

Our thanks to all the Wedgwood Community Council volunteer crossing guards at Halloween 2014.

A good time was had by all at Wedgwood's trick-or-treat 2014.

Representatives from the 1950's attended trick-or-treat 2014 in Wedgwood.

Our thanks to long-time community council volunteer Brian, who is in his zillionth year as a Halloween crossing guard.

Extra Recycling

Do I have to pay for extra recycling when the cart is already full?  No.  Seattle residents can recycle as much as they want for no charge.

During the holiday season, recycling carts tend to get pretty full!  If the recycling container is full, you can put extra recyclables next to your recycling cart in sturdy bins, boxes or 32-gallon cans. Flatten cardboard boxes.

You can put your extra recycling in a paper (not plastic) bag or a cardboard box (maximum 3 ft. X 3 ft.) and set it next to the recycling cart for collection. Use a rigid plastic container for extra glass.

Do not set extra recycling on top of, or leaning against, the container. Keep the area clear for other residents and your collector.

Wetland Walks

Adventures in nature in Magnuson Park. . . . → Read More: Wetland Walks

I Voted

Complete your ballot by Tuesday, November 4. . . . → Read More: I Voted

Halloween on Friday in Wedgwood

Traditional trick-or-treat in Wedgwood. . . . → Read More: Halloween on Friday in Wedgwood

Meadowbrook Update: Confluence Construction Continues

Creek improvements along 35th Ave NE in Meadowbrook. . . . → Read More: Meadowbrook Update: Confluence Construction Continues

Daylight Saving Time Ends on Sunday, November 2

Get an extra hour of sleep. . . . → Read More: Daylight Saving Time Ends on Sunday, November 2

Voting by Candlelight

Complete your ballot by November 4th. . . . → Read More: Voting by Candlelight

Featured Advertiser: Fiddlers Inn

Beer, fun and food on October evenings in Wedgwood. . . . → Read More: Featured Advertiser: Fiddlers Inn