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Back to School and Traffic

It’s back-to-school season with Seattle Public Schools scheduled to open on Wednesday, September 3. Morning start times vary. Parents should check the website of their childrens’ schools for back-to-school activities such as PTA picnics.  School webpages also have school supplies lists, fall sports and after-school care info.

Whether or not you have children in school, all Wedgwood-area drivers need to be aware of the potential for increased traffic and should prepare to allow more time to drive on school days.  Some of the changes to be aware of are the presence of school buses, direction-of-traffic patterns in school drop-off zones, school zone speed limits, and area road closures.

During designated school hours, the speed limit for cars travelling through school zones is 20 miles per hour.  Photo enforcement cameras are being installed on NE 75th Street in front of Eckstein Middle School.

Students and drivers who will travel north to Jane Addams Middle School or Nathan Hale High School need to be aware of the continued road closure of 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street.  It is only possible to drive northward as far as the Meadowbrook Community Center at 10517 35th Ave NE, and no farther.  Continuing work to improve the creek and drainage in that area, means that 35th Ave NE could remain closed for several more months.

A One-Day Park

What can you do in a parking space?  You can create a park for a day on September 19, 2014 from 9 AM to 3 PM, a creative activity to turn parking spaces in Seattle into a temporary art zone, recreational area, non-profit info table or business advertising zone.

PARK(ing) Day happens once a year, on the third Friday in September, and is an opportunity for any Seattleite to temporarily turn parking spaces into parks. The event raises awareness about important issues like creating a walkable, livable, healthy city and can be used by any group to advertise their business or services.

A one-day park is in one or two on-street parking spaces, but cannot be the spaces closest to the corner of a block.   Traffic cones must be used to mark off the one-day park, and there are restrictions on the height of items used in the space.  See the Frequently Asked Questions for guidelines and application info.  Applications are due by August 29.

Summertime Scams

The phone rang.  I answered it and this is what I heard:  “Hello, this is “Microsoft” and we are calling to tell you that your computer has a problem.” My jaw dropped at the audacity of this fraudulent phone call purporting to be from Microsoft — this phone call is definitely NOT from Microsoft.  This type of phone call is just another scam.  If you stay on the line, the scam artists will ask for your log-in password info, saying that they can help “fix” what is wrong with your computer.

Another recent phone scam, called “spoofing,” is a hang-up call which leaves a false number on your caller ID records.  Recently a number of confused people called 911 in Seattle because a number similar to 911 appeared on their caller ID, making it appear that 911 had called them.  The number left was “911-9111.”  SPD’s 911 Communications Center in Seattle referred the matter to fraud detectives for investigation.

The Washington State Office of the Attorney General has a Scam Alerts page which lists that some of the most common summertime scams involve travel.  In one scheme, called the Grandparent Scam, a phonecaller will say that he/she is the grandson/daughter and is in trouble – they are on a trip and the car has broken down, or they have been arrested and need bail money.  In every case the scammer asks the grandparent NOT to tell anyone, and wire money as soon as possible.

A travel scam that most often comes via e-mail is a request from a friend for money to be wired to them because they are on a trip and have had all their cash and credit cards stolen.  In the case of this travel scam as well as the Grandparent Scam, people should first try to ascertain from another source, whether the info is really true.  A key factor that it is likely a scam, is the request to keep the situation secret.

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