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Everyone knows the Wedgwood Community Council is a non-profit (501c4) advocating for an on behalf of the Wedgwood community. But, did you know that the WCC functions, in large part, thanks to our members?It used to be, back in the olden days (i.e. 2012), that WCC Members would be mailed a copy of the Wedgwood Echo newsletter about 6 times/year.  This was a perk for becoming a member and supporting your neighborhood. However, the WCC stopped this practice after realizing that printing the Wedgwood Echo was a) very expensive, b) used a lot of paper, and c) lessened our ability to reach and share community news to the whole neighborhood.  So, instead of the hard copy newsletters, we now have the monthly-ish Wedgwood Echo e-newsletter that ANYONE can sign up for (not to mention other listserves).

But now we’ve brought back that incentive to join or renew your WCC Membership for those that need more than altruism to join!  We’ve got awesome SWAG!  We’re now offering 3 different membership levels named after the trees that watch over our neighborhood.

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So, step up to the plate and join/renew as a WCC member! We’ll even deliver the t-shirt and tumbler to your house for those joining through September…or you can pick up the t-shirt and tumbler at our September 25th Community Meeting!  If you have any problems with joining, please email » us.

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The WCC is Going Green! Will Begin Phasing Out Print Versions of the Echo Newsletter.

In an effort to go green, the WCC has decided to begin phasing out the print version of the Wedgwood Echo newsletter over the next several months.  This decision was not taken lightly for the WCC trustees to reach as the Echo has been in print form for over 20 years. However, we believe that this is the best decision for the WCC and the community as this website, the Facebook page, Twitter feed, and email listserves appear to be effectively reaching and informing the community.  Meanwhile, the costs to WCC to print and mail in its current format diminishes the WCC’s ability to address the community’s priorities.

In its current format, the WCC is a 12-or-so page printed newsletter that’s mailed every 2 months to WCC members only with extras placed at local coffee shops.  Past Echos are then posted on this website on the online Archive.  The Echo requires a significant amount of resources in both time and money to complete and yet only reaches a limited number of Wedgwoodians.  Not only does is this phase out a greener solution, but we believe we can be more effective at communicating with the neighborhood. So, in May 2012 we will mail out our final full Echo.  After this, we will transition the Echo into an online newsletter that anyone can sign up for.  In fact, you can sign up for it below or on our Listserves page and get the Echo in your sent directly to your Inbox.

We want to hear what you think on the phasing out of the Echo?  Fill out the poll below and feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comment section below.

What Do You Think About Phasing Out the Echo (Print Copy)?

  • Well its about time! (50%, 19 Votes)
  • I guess so. (32%, 12 Votes)
  • I'd hate to see it go. (16%, 6 Votes)
  • Worst idea ever! (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Never read it and never will. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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Read the January 2012 Edition of the Wedgwood Echo Newsletter

Receiving the Wedgwood Echo newsletter in your mailbox every other month is the one tangible benefit of becoming a WCC member.  In case the joy and overwhelming feeling of peace that comes over you from supporting your active neighborhood council isn’t enough, receiving the Wedgwood Echo has always been that extra incentive.* Typically, this newsletter is mailed out to all members while a few extra copies are scattered around Wedgwood’s businesses shortly after its publication.  The back issues of the newsletter are then posted on our Online Archive.  However, it turns out that printing and postage for these newsletters every other month is rather expensive.

We believe that there are still many people in Wedgwood that prefer or can only access the paper version of the Wedgwood Echo.  Yet the WCC has been asking ourselves whether we should continue the paper copy given the costs; the resources it requires; and the other sources of Wedgwood-related news like our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and email listserves.   So, this month we’re posting the January 2012 edition of the Wedgwood Echo online and asking for your thoughts.

In November 2011, the Wedgwood community (or at least readers of our blog) updated us on their priorities.  While we didn’t ask about whether or not receiving paper copies of the newsletter was a priority, it was clear that those who responded have several priorities and using membership dues effectively is very important.  So, let us know if you have a strong preference in the Comment Section below.

*Emotional side effects differ amongst those who join the WCC.

September Edition of the Wedgwood Echo in the Mail

This months edition of the Wedgwood Echo is currently making its way to mailboxes around the neighborhood.  That is if you’re a member.  The Echo newsletter is filled with all sorts of great articles on the latest happenings, upcoming events, and stories of our great neighbors and businesses.  The WCC sends out the Echo 6 times a year as a thank you to our members.  An online archive of previous Echo issues can be accessed on this very website.  Take a peek!  You’ll see what a great resource the newsletter is and all the great things the WCC is working on.  You may even want to join the WCC ($20/year per family)!

Update on Wood Partners’ Project for the Former JCC Property

NOTE: Much of this information is in the May edition of the Wedgwood Echo newsletter, which is mailed to all WCC members.  This begs the question…”Why aren’t you a member?”

On March 26th, members of the Wedgwood Land Use Committee and the Wedgwood Action Group met with Wood Partners to learn about their plans for the JCC property at 8606 — 35th Ave NE.  Wood Partners’ willingness to meet with our two community groups was a very appreciated gesture, as there is no public notification requirement for their project.  According to Wood Partners, their project includes the following changes to the project originally designed by Murray Franklyn:

  1. Change from condos to apartments.
  2. Reduce on-site parking as the revised City Code now allows – from 1.25 stalls per unit to 1 stall per unit.
  3. Replace ground-floor retail spaces with live/work units.

Given the economic realities of our local economy and these type of developments, we appreciate why Wood Partners is proposing these modifications.  Furthermore, there is no legal basis that the WCC could make to request additional parking despite the concerns of those neighbors immediately adjacent to the site.  However, after reviewing the project, the Land Use Committee voted to recommend that the WCC formally withhold its support for the project until retail space is reincorporated into the project.  Given the site’s location to the 35th Ave NE and NE 85th Street business core, the Land Use Committee determined that live/work units for that location were not consistent with the Vision Plan that the Wedgwood community worked so hard on throughout 2010.  As a result, the WCC formally requested that Wood Partners reconsider ground-floor retail space.

To their credit, Wood Partners has contacted the Land Use Committee on several occasions to discuss the potential for retail space in that building.  In fact, the Land Use Committee has worked with the Wedgwood business district to provide Wood Partners with tangible businesses, including CC & Company, that are either looking to relocate or come into Wedgwood.  Unfortunately, some popular business types that the community has prioritized (e.g., restaurant) could not occur at their site due to the lack of suitable plumbing and ventilation necessary for those establishments – a design decision made by previous owners Murray Franklyn and not Wood Partners.   We remain hopeful that through cooperation with Wood Partners, they can identify realistic tenants that can support a business in their building.

In late April through early May, work was occurring at the JCC property in preparation for construction, which has included asbestos abatement, electrical hookups, utility work and subsurface explorations.  During this time, Wood Partners has also reconnected a beautiful custom mosaic created for the JCC with the original artist and allowed members of the Hunter Farms Project Steering Committee to walk through the site to see if there were any materials worth salvaging for the upcoming Gathering Place project.  We understand that the project’s financing should be finalized shortly and site demolition will begin this coming week.

While construction is scheduled to begin very soon, the Land Use Committee will continue to work with Wood Partners to identify potential retail businesses that could occupy ground-floor space.  If you have any information regarding businesses that may be suitable or interested in ground-floor retail space in Wedgwood (it cannot be a Type 1 food service business [e.g., restaurant]), please comment below or email » the land use committee.

Disclaimer: The WCC and its Land Use Committee does not speak for the Wedgwood Action Group.

The Echo Newsletter is in the Mail!

The January edition of the Echo newsletter is in the mail and should be arriving at your door shortly if you’re a WCC member.

Check your copy and if you’ve got a TIME TO RENEW stamp on the front, please remember to renew your WCC membership.  You can renew online or use the renewal form on the back of the newsletter and mail it in or bring money to our upcoming January 12th meeting.